image of tourists canoeing in the amazon rainforest peru
The Split, Caye Cauker, Belize
Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island, Galapagos
The Amazon Rainforest, Northern Peru
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barking lizard travel is a website about solo independent travel, culture, and adventure. It features destination guides, travel itineraries, tips and tricks as well as travel photography. Get off the beaten track and explore the road less travelled.

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While researching my Central America trip at the beginning of 2016, I was frustrated by the lack of practical advice on travel blogs. Sure, I could find lots of posts on ‘10 things to do in Costa Rica/Guatemala/Belize etc.’ but not much information, for example, on how to get from one place to another by bus.

I started barking lizard travel to share my travel experiences and help people find the information they look for when planning trips. As well as inspiring tales from the road this blog gives practical advice on how to make your independent travels a reality.

I’m not your typical backpacker, I’m in my early 40’s and not a Digital Nomad. I go on trips whenever time and finances will allow and love planning trips almost as much as going on them.

At the beginning of 2016, aged 38, I spent three months backpacking solo through Central America. It’s never too late to start travelling. If you really want to see the world, there is always a way.

Come and join me on my journey, my next trip is never far away!

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